Pastor Dwight McKissic, Sr., Releases New Book, “Controversial Conversations: Kingdom Reflections On Biblical & Contemporary Issues”

Dwight McKissic, Sr., pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX, whom many consider to be a prophetic voice to the nation, has released a new book, Controversial Conversations: Kingdom Reflections On Biblical & Contemporary Issues.

In the book, he addresses a broad range of topics including:

  • The Baptist Church and the Holy Spirit
  • The Contributions of Africa and Africans in the Bible
  • The Southern Baptist Convention and Race Relations
  • The Church, Homosexuality, and Contemporary Society
  • A Letter to My Grandchildren

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Felicia Gully’s “Prophetic Warning” Tells the Story of a Woman’s Salvation After the Death of her Husband

Felicia Gully’s Christian fiction novel, Prophetic Warning, tells the story of a woman “headed for destruction” following the death of her husband.

Josephine, in addition being grief-stricken over her husband’s death, faces many storms and hardships that she tries to escape but seems unable to find a way out of. Through all of this, God’s plan is being worked out in her life. Prophetess Wileen enters as a forerunner to win Josephine to the Lord. Though Josephine seems to enter a downward spiral, she finds healing through the love and saving power of Jesus Christ. Continue reading