Dr. Tony Evans Releases Landmark CSB Study Bible, Marks 50 Years of Pastoral Ministry in 2019

Nashville, TN — Celebrating fifty years of acclaimed pastoral ministry, Dr. Tony Evans releases The CSB Tony Evans Study Bible on November 1, 2019 (B&H Publishing). As one of the country’s most respected leaders in evangelical circles, Pastor Evans is known for his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple, yet profound, illustrations. Tony Evans’ name is synonymous with strong Biblical teaching and a high view of Scripture.

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Dr. Tony Evans Pens First Bible Commentary Authored Solely by an African American Scholar

Nashville, TN — Marking fifty groundbreaking years of pastoral ministry, Dr. Tony Evans releases the first Bible commentary authored solely by an African American scholar. The Tony Evans Bible Commentary (October 1, 2019, B&H) features insight and exposition from Dr. Evans, including an introduction to each Bible book and passage-by-passage exposition of the entire Bible. During five decades of pastoral ministry, Dr. Evans has faithfully proclaimed the truths of God’s Word and helped countless people grasp the depth and breadth of the love of Christ.

Dr. Tony Evans is Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, TX and founder of The Urban Alternative, a media ministry which promotes a kingdom agenda designed to enable people to live all of life underneath the comprehensive rule of God. The reach of Evans’ preaching now spans the world with broadcasts airing on more than 1,400 radio outlets in more 130 countries, reaching millions each week. Continue reading

Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah On a Mission to Keep ‘Thanksgiving’ in Style All Year Round

College professor Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah is on a mission to keep the practice of gratitude from becoming extinct. In her book, The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude, she amply demonstrates the practice and benefits of a lifestyle of gratitude to God and the people He uses as His channels for blessing. She does this by recounting personal and family life experiences combined with scripture, hymns, meaningful quotes from iconic personalities, and scientific evidence.

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Two Books by Dr. Sharon Smith Help Women and Church Leaders Embrace God’s Call On Their Life

In her work as a professor, counselor, and ordained minister, Dr. Sharon Smith, aims to bring lasting positive change to the lives of people at large and women in particular. Two of her latest books encapsulate that mission as they urge women and church leaders to be all that God has called them to be.

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In Latest Book, C. NaTasha Richburg Shares the Secrets of her Successful 36-Year Marriage

“How do you do it?” is a question that folks who have been married for decades or who have successfully raised their children receive from time to time. And C. NaTasha Richburg has received her fair share. And her latest book is the answer to that question Continue reading

Gospel Light Society’s New Book Updates the Ancient “Nicene Creed” With Important Biblical Revisions

In their book, The New Nicene Creed, Gospel Light Society International provides a unique and needed research for those interested in a more accurate explanation and portrayal of the core tenets of the Christian faith.

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“A Dog Named Salvation” Shares the Life and Lessons of an Incredible Dog With the World

Millions have attested to the powerful relationships that develop between dogs and their humans. Almost every person blessed to have a dog as a member of their family has dozens of stories of how that canine friend has added light and joy and beauty to their days. A Dog Named Sal is a new book by Danyelle Whyte, her siblings, and her father, that adds another entry in the long-standing library recounting the friendship between man and “man’s best friend.”

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In Challenging New Book, “The Lost Souls of Black Folk and White Folk,” Daniel Whyte III Tackles America’s Sin, God’s Judgment, and the Enduring Problem of the ‘Color Line’

National bestselling author Daniel Whyte III has just released a major new work nearly ten years in the making. The Lost Souls of Black Folk & White Folk tackles the issues of America’s sin, God’s judgment, the Church’s failures, and the enduring problem of the color line. Whyte first began work on this project nearly ten years ago, but, considering the persistent debate over race relations in the U.S., the timeliness of this release on February 28, 2019, is providential.

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Pat Simmons Continues “The Jamieson Legacy” Series with the 9th Book, “The Guilty Generation”

DALLAS, TX – Pat Simmons has written nine books exploring the history, conflicts, and legacy of the Jamieson family. And her latest book, The Guilty Generation, continues the tradition of intricate drama and family members coming together to solve a crisis. Continue reading

In New Book, Berline Thenor Helps Women ‘Find the Strength, Courage, and Faith to Navigate the Seasons of Life’

Brokenness. Heartache. Change. Shame. Guilt. Millions of women the world over struggle with these feelings throughout their lives. How they react to these seasons of life determines how successful and fulfilled they become in the future.

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